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The tale of Word Tonic's
GEN-Z copywriter recruitment service

Once upon a time (last year), in a galaxy far, far away (London + Portugal), a bunch of GEN-Z copywriters got very, very bored.

(this bunch of GEN-Z copywriters to be exact).

All the copywriting communities they’d joined were full of people much older than them. 


They’re not ageists. 


But they couldn’t relate to all the Marks and Lindas who were complaining about the school run and their mortgage rates

(whatever the fuck those are).


So we put our heads together and founded Word Tonic, the world’s first international Gen-Z copywriting community, which is now 400+ members strong.


A copywriting community that’s been promoted

by copywriter legends like Vikki Ross, Andrew Boulton, B. Earl 

(yep, the Marvel Comics writer) 

and even The Word Man 

(the dude on LinkedIn who’s in charge of all the words).


Pretty cool, if you ask us. 


OH, and our community has also been featured in snazzy places like

LBB Online, Sonder & Tell, D&AD and Creative Lives


Our hamster meme even got featured in AdAge

(no, really, check him out).




A few months after launching, we received interest from a couple of businesses who wanted to find and hire some Gen-Z copywriters.






 We had the opportunity to use our community to revolutionise

 the world of Gen-Z marketing and make it ~not cringe~ and ~actually authentic~ and ~interesting~

And to transform youth employment.


To give young creatives greater access


But most of all, to bring more fresh diverse

GEN-Z perspectives to the industry.

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