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Our Events

We host one live event each month for brands, recruiters and agencies to get a feel for what Word Tonic is all about. 

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GEN-Z Board of Advisors Taster Session

GEN-Z Board of Advisors Taster.jpg

If you're a brand, agency or recruiter, you'll know all too well what your average Board of Advisors looks and feels like.

But don’t fall asleep just yet- we’re introducing our own spin on it!

Introducing Word Tonic’s GEN-Z Board of Advisors: a curated group of GEN-Z’s that provide advice and guidance on a company’s GEN-Z marketing.

And not just any GEN-Zrs, either- we’re talking copywriters + marketers from Word Tonic.

Because if you’re marketing to GEN-Z, you’re gonna want someone who actually knows your target market. Or better yet- someone who ~is~ the target market?

Expect laughs, memes + a brand dissection you don’t want to miss 👀

Re-watch the event here

✨How to Hire + Attract a GEN-Z✨

✨How to Hire + Attract a GEN-Z✨.png

Want to find out how to hire the next generation of talent?

From an ~actual~ group of GEN-Z’s?

Then come along to our FREE event, where you'll lap up innovative insights from Word Tonic members.

Because we all know how it feels to be on the hunt for the next job.

And we have some thoughts.

Find out more here!

GEN-Z Marketing Event


If you're looking for another Harvard case study by people who aren't even GEN-Z on GEN-Z and how we like to be marketed to, this isn't it.

But if you're looking for an intimate event that goes beyond the numbers and stats and the stereotype that GEN-Z is a monolith and looks at how to market to GEN-Z through a real, human (and 100% GEN-Z) lens... Then this is the event for you!

Watch it here!

Word Tonic's GEN-Z Talent Showcase

WT Recruitment.jpg

Looking for AMAZINGLY talented GEN-Z copywriters?

(or just wanna get into the mind of GEN-Z?)

See some of the amazing GEN-Z copywriters in Word Tonic and a piece of AMAZING work in a live portfolio showcase 🎉

Check it out here!

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