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Deepen your GEN-Z understanding

This isn't the kind of info you find in a Harvard Case Study- this newsletter is written and researched by GEN-Z.


Read authentic insights from our Founders and GEN-Z community, that aren't just lazy headlines and fake news.  

Diversify your thinking

Word Tonic is a global community, so get ready to have your eyes opened by GEN-Z copywriters worldwide. Find new perspectives and experiences that you can take with you in confidence to your next GEN-Z market research meeting. 

Your GEN-Z perspective, expanded. 

Discover kick-ass copywriting talent

Each week we'll be showing off two copywriters from Word Tonic who can get cracking on your project straight away. Find out who, what, where, when, why- and even a sneak peek at their portfolios.


Discovering the latest talent has never been so easy.

Decipher GEN-Z language

If you're looking for some formal writing, this isn't it. We write authentically, which means we've included slang, trends and a whole tonne of emojis and GIFs. But don't worry, there'll be a little asterisk at the end of any sections with a full explanation of said 'weird' words.

Real GEN-Z thoughts and words made accessible, just for you.

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