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What does it mean to be GEN-Z?

According to McKinsey, GEN-Z is anyone, 'born between 1996 and 2010. This generation’s identity has been shaped by the digital age, climate anxiety, a shifting financial landscape, and COVID-19.'

Word Tonic

All very enlightening but it also makes us want to claw our eyes out, because people talk about us (GEN-Z) like we're some alien race that needs to be dissected.

*as if we're a giant monolith devoid of things that makes us different from one another like cultures, countries, histories, experiences. 

LIKE I'M SORRY, but we don't all like BeReal and we aren't all attached to our phones like a beach-blonde Bunny who's got Daddy issues

So what is GEN-Z really? Who are we? What do we want? What do we mean? Why do we talk like that? Why do we ~do~ like that? We thought who better to ask than OURSELVES.

Stop listening to the Harvards and McKinseys and reports done by 50-year old Bob and listen to what we (real GEN-Z copywriters from all over the world) have to say about ourselves.

Because no one understands us better than US.

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