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Reverse Mentorship

Reverse mentoring is when someone in a more junior role mentors someone in a more senior role.


In this case, you’ll be getting mentored by a GEN-Z copywriter.


Why would I do that?

We hear you! Here's why you should start a Reverse Mentorship...

01 Bridge Hierarchical Gaps

Reverse Mentorships bridge hierarchical gaps AND age gaps - it breaks down stereotypes and stigmas and the bridges between ‘seniors,’ and, ‘juniors,’ and offers senior members of staff - like you - generational insights.

Eco-Friendly Design

03 Discover new perspectives

Word Tonic is a global online community, with members from all walks of life. Prepare to have your worldviews turned upside down and your creative inspiration to spark.

02 Understand GEN-Z

Learn from us on an intimate level. Take a deep dive into the GEN-Z brain and figure out our thought processes and behaviours. We're here to put a stop to monolithic thinking and show you our real selves.

24/7 Support

04 A chance to give back

As part of the Reverse Mentorship, you'll also have the chance to share your knowledge and experiences too! Support the training and development of GEN-Z copywriters all over the world with your expertise.

Here's what our GEN-Inspires say...

Sonia Testimonial
Retinol and being a part of Word Tonic's Reverse Mentorship program keeps you young. Excited to be a part of this!🌟

Sonia Aguado, Senior Creative Copywriter

Want some more details?

Embark on a symbiotic relationship with your GEN-Z copywriter!


Download our info booklet for more details, and contact us to be matched up with a Word Tonic member.

✨ Transform into your GEN-Inspire era ✨

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