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What does GEN-Z look for in an employer?

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♫ If you wanna be my employer, you gotta get with my… short list of ideal asks! ♫

What’s up everyone?? We’re back with another Word Tonic GEN-Z insight blog post! 

This time, we’re tackling what’s on GEN-Z’s must-have list when it comes to an ideal employer.

But first-- let me introduce you to the wonderful word of Word Tonic.

What’s Word Tonic, you ask?

Only THE premier resource for all things GEN-Z marketing, GEN-Z copywriting, GEN-Z recruitment… GEN-Z insight of all kinds, really. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop for anything GEN-Z related. Especially when it comes to figuring out the best practices for marketing to GEN-Z. We’ve totally got you covered. We’ve even got a cute little GEN-Z insight newsletter and tons of other services to check out too! 

Okay-- I can’t wait to dive into this topic. There are some things here that have become absolutely necessary in this day and age-- and asking for them should totally be normalized.

First off on our list of must-haves when it comes to employment…

Realistic payment.

We’d like to be paid a liveable wage! The cost of living is only going up and it HURTS

Seriously, everything is getting more and more (...and more) expensive lately. We need to be paid enough to cover rent, utilities, groceries, and anything else we’d need to be able to live comfortably. Paying people less than is needed to live is not okay-- especially if this is their full-time job. If we’re dedicating this much of our time and energy to our job, we should be fairly compensated for it!

Next up, career and coaching support!

We’re looking for mentorship, we’re looking for advancement, we’re looking for a path we can follow and a goal to strive towards. Staying stagnant in the same position for 10 years is not the ideal for all of us. We’d like to be able to work our way up to something. Raises, new responsibilities, different skills… we want the opportunity to learn as much as possible, to try new things, and to have something to work towards!

Work benefits are also a big must-have.

Our pay usually isn’t going to cover everything we mentioned above AND the many different types of insurance we’re required to have. That’s where wanting work benefits comes in! Being able to access insurance benefits through work is a must-have for GEN-Z, and more and more of us are placing it pretty high up on our list of priorities when it comes to looking for an employer.

Speaking of employers, down to earth leadership is also something we’re looking for.

Being able to communicate with your bosses and coworkers that are in leadership positions is incredibly important. Having approachable and grounded leadership is key to having a successful team-- and that’s a team that we want to be a part of!

And hiring a GEN-Z copywriter and marketing professional pays dividends. Who better to market to GEN-Z than a member of GEN-Z?

Trust us, you’re going to want to have one of us on your team.

Here’s the thing-- there’s been a whole lot of uproar about asking for a lot of these things lately, but these are completely reasonable asks. I mean it! With the prices of everything going up, it only makes sense that your pay should reflect that.

Everyone should be getting paid enough at their job to afford to live, eat, and go to the doctor when necessary. Everyone wants to work in a positive environment where they can advance and work towards career goals. These aren’t crazy asks at all-- they’re exactly what everyone should be asking for.

So, employers of the world, if all of these things sound doable…

Hit me up through WT Recruitment. ;)

- Maddy

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