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Hi, we're...

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A global community of 700+ GEN-Z copywriters, turned recruitment service and talent community. 

We recruit 
talented GEN-Z copywriters from our GEN-Z copywriting community for brands like:

, Fiveable and Bluestripe.

But there's a lot more to us than that...

(like the fact we're run by two FIERCE 23-year old GEN-Z copywriters)


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Read more about our story here

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so you want to market to GEN-Z?

But you want something DIFFERENT.

You don't want another cat meme.

You don't want to be cringey.

You don't want another cookie-cutter approach that's been inspired by Harvard case studies and a bunch of Kevin's or Karen's.

(*read = anyone who's ~not~ GEN-Z that tries to speak to GEN-Z but fails miserably, because WHADDYA KNOW - they aren't GEN-Z).


You want something ~actually ~ authentic.


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get some gen-z on gen-z action with Word Tonic

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Everything about our GEN-Z copywriter recruitment service is GEN-Z.
From our 23 year old founder, Carolyn to the 24 year old resourcer and 22 year old copywriters and -
Ya get our point.
If you work with us to recruit a GEN-Z copywriter,
you get the real GEN-Z deal.


Our case studies

GEN-Z copywriter for GUESS,
through Mimosa Agency

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"Turning to Word Tonic was one of our company's best decisions. They connected us with a young and dynamic copywriter who not only met but exceeded our expectations. Every piece of copy she crafted resonated with our big client, leading to more projects coming our way. It's clear that Word Tonic has an exceptional knack for spotting and nurturing those who are not only talented but also have a voracious appetite to excel. I was taken aback by the caliber of individuals in the Word Tonic community. It's more than just a resource for budding copywriters; it's a goldmine for anyone searching for top-tier emerging talent."

Greta Steinhoff, Mimosa Agency

GEN-Z copywriter for Fiveable

you could become a travel writer for nat geo (22).png

I'm thrilled that I connected with the Word Tonic community. I quickly had ~10 incredible candidates in my pipeline to hire a Gen Z Copywriter and we made our hire from that pool within 2 weeks.  Carolyn and all of the candidates were truly exceptional and communicative during the process."

Amanda DoAmaral, Fiveable

A note from Vikki Ross
(D&AD Speaker + award-winning copywriter)


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Looking for fresh new copywriters? Head straight to the exciting world of Word Tonic. The fast-growing global community is full of Gen Z copywriters who are ready for action. They'll bring you their on-the-ground perspective of their generation and a whole host of expertise and experience. They're keen and conscientious - and they'll be a brilliant addition to your team."

But really...
why should you choose us?

We thought LBB Online put it best...

"What makes it special is that 1) all of (Word Tonic's) gen-z copywriters are constantly being exposed to learning opportunities in weekly masterclasses and AI bootcamps.

(they'll come to your brand fully equipped + will constantly be learning and refining their craft)

and 2) Word Tonic's recruitment service is totally gen-z led.

There is nothing more genuine than that."


Read the rest here

Want to recruit
a GEN-Z copywriter?

We are truly flattered (*winks at you in Sans Serif*)
Just reach out to our founders (literally two 23-year olds).


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