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What are the main characteristics of GEN-Z behavior?

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Heyyyy everyone! Maddy here again with an all-new GEN-Z insight blog for you! 

This week’s topic? 

GEN-Z behavior! 

What are the main characteristics and behavioral quirks of GEN-Z? Keep reading!

Is any of it helpful when it comes to marketing? YES! 

Wanna know something cool? 

This blog post is based on a video that I DID for Word Tonic! Check it out here!

If you don’t want to watch the video-- that’s totally fine too. Although I will be a little offended, I’m not gonna lie. 

Anyway, whatever you decide, this is my way of transitioning us into the actual blog post ⬇️

Now onto the good stuff!

What are the main characteristics of GEN-Z behavior? 

As promised, I’m coming in HOT with answers this week.

GEN-Z has a few hallmark behaviors that I’ve been able to identify within our ranks…

First, memes. A LOT of memes. 

Memes have pretty much become an additional form of communication for most GEN-Zers. 

They’re used as a way to reference something else, they’re used as a way to react to something, they’re used as a vehicle for humor, they’re used to convey information… 

you can really do anything with a meme. They’re so versatile!

Second, slang is HUGE. 

This is actually a great time for me to plug the Word Tonic GEN-Z slang dictionary (yes, we DID make one for you) -- because slang is integral to most of GEN-Z’s vocabulary. We use all KINDS of slang and abbreviations in our daily life. There’s also so much to be said for proper integration of slang and abbreviations (AND memes) when it comes to marketing to GEN-Z too -- if you’re able to get it and use it properly? Massive slay. 

Third? We’re tech-literate, baby! 

Honestly, understatement of the century. We grew up with this stuff and have literally evolved alongside tech. Having a GEN-Z member of your team is like having a built-in Genius Bar. Remember that the next time Kevin from the sales team is having a computer crisis.

Fourth -- we’re picky.

Especially about what we spend money on. A lot of GEN-Z cares about things and tries to be really purposeful about what we buy -- whether that’s by focusing on sustainability, eco-friendly products, cruelty-free products, or any number of things-- most of us try to be ethical consumers!

Fifth? We’re also super outspoken.

You know what that means… Boundaries! GEN-Z truly excels at setting boundaries. We know what we want as much as we know what we don’t want, and we’re not afraid to make both of those things known.

Sixth, we’re creative powerhouses.

GEN-Z is steeped in creativity. We’re constantly creating and being silly. A lot of us are artistic in one way or another, and it really shines through in our work, as well as our hobbies! We’re constantly taking photos, drawing, singing, writing, making people laugh, making up dances, creating things on social media, posting TikToks and Instagram reels and whatever else. GEN-Z is literally always creating.

Finally, as a bonus…

We like to film in cars. As you may have noticed in my video, I’m in a car. I see GEN-Z filming videos in cars ALL THE TIME. It’s a funny little generational quirk that I’ve picked up on and I think it’s hilarious. It’s so fun to film a video in a car! But it’s also the easiest way to spot a GEN-Z in the wild without having to talk to them at all hahaha.

Okay, now that you’ve learned the key characteristics of GEN-Z behavior, 

I bet you’re desperate to get (at least) one of us on your team!! (Seriously, you’re missing out on SO much marketing potential by not having a GEN-Z copywriter or marketing professional in the room.)

Wanna know who can help with that? 

Word Tonic can help with that! We’re only the FIRST copywriting community for GEN-Z, by GEN-Z. We also help recruiters and brands by providing insight on GEN-Z, GEN-Z values, GEN-Z marketing tips, and so much more! We even have a fancy little GEN-Z insight newsletter

But seriously, who better to market to GEN-Z than GEN-Z? The possibilities are endless and the value is INSANE when it comes to having a GEN-Z team member, so totally consider checking us out-- here’s our list of services to help get you started.

Like what you read? Good news! There’s more where that came from. ;)

See you next week!


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