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A Day in Our Lives as 20-Something Word Tonic Girlies 💅

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We just got back from the COOLEST marketing event and we can’t wait to tell you ALL ABOUT IT. The Marketing Meetup recently held a 2-hour event in Exeter, UK and we attended it!! Okay, not only did we do that, but we had an AMAZING time. 

Here’s the quick highlight reel of our Marketing Meetup event experience! 

First, we had a little chat time-- talked to some cool people, had a little pizza, had a little driiiiiiink… and then the meetup began! 

We met some really, really cool people from all different walks of life! 

We got to talk to some awesome graphic designers, some wonderful social media managers, and some fantastic marketing specialists-- and it was so great to get to meet all of these interesting people and to get to know more about each of those worlds, as well as discuss the overlap that we have in our chosen fields! 

Then, a super cool Marketing Agency advisor by the name of Kier Mather gave a really interesting 25-minute presentation-- he had some incredibly insightful slides on client listening and how to drive agency performance and we were taking NOTES upon NOTES. 

Our main lesson learned? Client relationships are HUGELY IMPORTANT!!!

We need to focus on building relationships and networks in order to thrive and grow, and we need to maintain them as well!! 

Whiiiiiich is why we’re on the hunt for more networking gigs to attend. We’ve developed a love for them after how awesome this one was, and we’re looking for more! 

SO, if you know of any fun marketing and networking meet-up type events, please let us know!! We’re so in the… market… for them. hehe. :) 

(Excuse the pun) 

But seriously, let us know if there are any gigs or events you want to see us at! I’m eager to keep writing about them too haha-- we truly had a blast and would love to attend more. In the meantime, check out our events page to see what we’re doing and where we’re headed next!

Real quick, before you go-- 

If you aren’t familiar with us, let me put you on to something: 


What’s Word Tonic, you ask? 

Wow, I am THRILLED to get to tell you this. 

Word Tonic is THE first-ever GEN-Z copywriting community-- for GEN-Z, by GEN-Z --and now for everyone! Agencies, brands, and recruiters, we’re here to help you learn all you need to know about GEN-Z Marketing-- Marketing Secrets, Marketing Strategy, and all of the Behind the Scenes insider knowledge when it comes to everything GEN-Z.

We also do GEN-Z copywriter recruitment (which you should totally take us up on), in order to help you find the GEN-Z copywriter and marketer of your dreams. We’re revolutionizing the world of GEN-Z copywriting, GEN-Z marketing, and GEN-Z recruitment. 


Not only do we travel to events, but we also do a ton of online events as well-- so catch us at our next GEN-Z Marketing Event!! 

Go on, ya know you wanna click that link ;)

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