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GEN-Z Dictionary

Decipher GEN-Z slang, one page at a time!

GEN-Z Dictionary

So you want to become yassified?

You want to serve qunt whilst simultaneously giving slay? Wanna be locked in? Is your vocab bussin’? Do it slap? Yessssss, girlboss. No because I’m shook. I’m GAGGED, even. Your rizz is on point, bookie. I fear you ate. Devoured. Left no crumbs.

Hold up.

If reading that nearly launched you into a sweaty, bewildered state of confusion, you are not alone. It’s been said that GEN-Z has one of the most… unique… vernaculars, and if you’re an outsider, it can definitely feel overwhelming! Especially when it comes to expanding your market or aiming your business towards a younger demographic.

So let us help you out.

Introducing the Word Tonic GEN-Z Dictionary; your guide to understanding a new generation. Word Tonic is a copywriting community made for GEN-Z, by GEN-Z, so who better to teach you the relevant lingo than a bunch of appropriately-aged writers?

We’ll translate allllll that new terminology so you don’t have to, with comprehensive definitions, in-context examples and so much more. From “Asf” to “Zooted”, you’ll be speaking like a GEN-Zer in no time.

Don’t be clapped. Don’t be basic.

With the Word Tonic GEN-Z Dictionary, you can glow-up your business, yap with your tik-tok obsessed teens, and finally understand wtf is going on. You ready? Aight, bet. Get your copy today! 😉

This copy is written by Esme, 20-year-old Word Tonic member + copywriter.

Who is this Dictionary for?

The GEN-Z Dictionary is for anyone who:

✨ Wants to deepen their GEN-Z understanding

✨ Fuel their marketing strategy with GEN-Z data

✨ Wants to stay up to date on trending slang

✨ Looking for a taste of popular GEN-Z content

✨ Craving some creative inspiration

✨ Needs to translate what their kids are saying


Grab your copy today!

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