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How to Hire + Attract a GEN-Z

How the heck do you hire GEN-Z!?

Well if you’re a recruiter, brand or agency- this event is for you.

On February 22nd, at 1 pm UK time, Word Tonic - the GEN-Z copywriting community - will be holding a FREE, online event to give you step-by-step advice on how you can improve your hiring process for the workforce's next generation.


We'll be going over:

✨ GEN-Z thoughts on today's hiring process

✨ how to attract a GEN-Z to your vacancy

✨ how to improve your job advertising

✨ how to implement a hiring process without putting GEN-Z applicants off

And this event isn’t presented by 50-year-old Kevin either (sorry Kevin).

This is completely GEN-Z made, led by Founder Em and her amazing line-up of global GEN-Z speakers.

Authentic, accurate + attainable advice!

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