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Word Tonic's GEN-Z Dictionary

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The moment I’ve been hyping up in these blogs for a hot minute is FINALLY HERE.

Drumroll, please.


I’m so excited to announce the arrival of our official Word Tonic GEN-Z Dictionary. Not only is it filled to the brim with anything and everything you need to know when it comes to understanding GEN-Z slang, but it’s also a MASSIVELY helpful resource for GEN-Z marketing inspiration.


Let’s talk about what’s included:

What do you get? 

This GEN-Z Dictionary is FREE and downloadable on our website. With it, you get a comprehensive database of GEN-Z slang, as well as TikToks, along with their definitions and context. 

We also went through and rated all of these based on their popularity and authenticity within GEN-Z and our community-- AND we give you all the statistics on what slang is used where.

Honestly, this thing is a dream come true for any brand or marketer looking to infuse some GEN-Z spark into your marketing. Struggling with GEN-Z marketing? Not anymore.

This is the perfect resource for connecting with the GEN-Z consumer base. Not only is it so necessary for business, but it’s also super fun to learn some of the GEN-Z lingo! 

Can I hear a “Thank you, Word Tonic” x1000?

Speaking of, for those who haven’t heard of us, what IS Word Tonic?

I’m so glad you asked.

Word Tonic is THE best resource for GEN-Z marketing inspiration, education, and more. We’re a community of GEN-Z copywriters, dedicated to revolutionizing the industry. We’re a community of GEN-Z marketing powerhouses, and we’re here to share our specific GEN-Z insights with you! 

If you’re looking to get educated on GEN-Z, we’ve got an awesome GEN-Z insight newsletter. If you’re interested in everything else we can do for you, check out our services page. If you’re into GEN-Z recruitment… oh, yeah. We’ve got that too. ;) If you like what I’m writing here, check out my weekly blog posts on our Insights page (I’m also available for recruitment and would love to hear from you).

And the very best part of Word Tonic?

We’re not all talk. We actually know our stuff. We’re a community of GEN-Z copywriters and marketers that’s 700+ strong and growing every day. We know what we like and don’t, and we aren’t afraid to talk about it. And don’t just take our word for it-- we aren’t the only ones who think we’re pretty cool. D&AD, LBB Online, and AdAge think so too. ;)

So come check us out, download our GEN-Z Dictionary, and see what else we can bring to the table to help you master the art of marketing to GEN-Z.

See you next week!

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