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Why you should trust two 24-year-olds with your copywriting hiring process

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Helloooo recruiters. It’s been a minute. I’ve missed you!

Let’s talk.

You know what’s scary?

Trusting people.

I get it. Seriously. You’re so valid and real for having that fear.

But you know what? Fear is a cage. And I’m here to help you break out of it.

Even though trusting people is scary, it can lead to the most amazing and wonderful results if you

believe and I’m here to make that process easier for you today!!

If you don’t have trust issues, amazing, go hire a GEN-Z copywriter here.

If you do have trust issues, you’re so so real and valid and I’m here for you, keep reading.

Here’s why you should trust us (two 24-year-olds) to help with your copywriting hiring process.

We get it. We’ve been in your shoes before! We’ve got representatives from both sides of the table

here. Our lovely co-founders have been the copywriter (shoutout Carolyn) AND the recruiter

(shoutout Em).

If you’re trusting anyone with this, it should be people who’ve had experience with both sides of this

process. We’ve got all of that extra knowledge to use in helping you with your process!

Not only have we done it, we’ve also done it for a while. We’ve got experience.

We aren’t noobs, so to speak.

Carolyn’s been a copywriter since she was 17 years old. On top of that impressive accomplishment,

she’s also grown a hugely successful community and online learning platform.

Oh, Word Tonic? Let me tell you all about it.

Word Tonic is THE first-ever GEN-Z copywriting community-- for GEN-Z, by GEN-Z --and now for

all of you! We’re here to help you learn the ins and outs of GEN-Z copywriting and marketing

strategy with our sweet, sweet GEN-Z insight newsletter, our super helpful services (like GEN-Z

recruitment help, mentorship programs, resources/events, and advertising info), and our awesome

weekly GEN-Z insight blog!

We’re empowering young people and revolutionizing the world of GEN-Z marketing. We’re literally

transforming youth employment and giving young creatives greater access to creative opportunities!

We’re bringing fresh, diverse GEN-Z perspective hires into the industry, as well as connecting

brands and agencies with the next generation of talent (GEN-Z copywriters and marketers all

around the world), and we’re constantly proving that age is just a number.

We’ve worked with some super cool brands and agencies like Bluestripe, Mimosa Agency, Fiveable,

and Smyle Agency.

I seriously can’t say enough good things about the Word Tonic community. It’s fantastic and I’m so,

so proud to be a part of it.

Okayyyy, back to what I was saying before I launched into my little “I love Word Tonic so much” spiel.

You know who else has experience?

Em!! Em has 4 years of recruitment experience in a variety of different industries. This is a MASSIVE

slay for you because it makes us incredibly well-rounded.

From this experience we have learned to identify good talent-- we know it when we see it. AND

we’ve built a wealth of knowledge in this regard. We know excellent copy/marketing when we see

it... and we know awful copy/marketing when we see it.

People trust us because we’ve earned that trust.

We know what we’re doing, and we’ve proven that we do it well.

Don’t believe me?

How about THE Vikki Ross?

So tell me, recruiters. Have I convinced you, even just a little bit, to consider us helping out with

your GEN-Z copywriter recruitment process?

I promise you, we work hard to make sure we can say all of this stuff in a newsletter that literally gets

sent out for people to read-- and we make sure that we are able to back it up.

Just check out our case studies. They're literally glittering with sparkling testimonials.

We’ve got a whole host of insanely talented creative copywriters at our fingertips, and we’re ready to

help you find the perfect fit for your team.

So why not take a little leap of faith?

Trust us.

We can handle it.

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