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Why you should implement a Reverse Mentorship in your workplace

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Are you dreaming of learning with the best of the best?

Well, look no further! My name is Maddy and I’m writing to you live (sort of, not really) to tell you about THE best and newest advancement from Word Tonic. It’s going to make all of those dreams come true.

“What is Word Tonic,” you ask?

WELL, Word Tonic is the FIRST-EVER GEN-Z copywriting community! We’ve created tonnes of resources for our 700+ members, and-- not only that --we’ve started creating a tonne of resources for everyone else too! Check out our GEN-Z insight newsletter! We’re allllll about sharing the wealth of knowledge that we’ve got over at Word Tonic.

And you’re invited!

Now, about this super cool and awesome new advancement I was talking about:

Word Tonic has come up with something called a REVERSE mentorship program! Essentially, we pair you up with one of our GEN-Z copywriters and you have the chance to mentor each other. Little throwback to elementary science class-- we’re also allllll about creating symbiotic relationships here over at Word Tonic. ;)

Definition refresher: Both parties get to benefit!

There’s you: ✨‘GEN-Inspire’ ✨

and then there’s us: ✨your super amazing and insightful new GEN-Z Copywriter! ✨

We help each other learn and grow in order to create the best possible marketing duo! 

Talk about a dream team!

Remember those benefits I mentioned? Let’s talk about them, shall we?

There are SO many benefits to taking part in this Reverse Mentorship program: 

You get your own, personal GEN-Z soundboard. You can bounce ideas off of us, ask us anything about THE hottest target audience around (us!), and you have the chance to impart some of your own awesome, hard earned knowledge too! As excited as we are to be mentors here, we’d love to learn from you as well!

So, how does this even work?

We match you up with a GEN-Z Copywriter via email, and they’ll set up an intro call! You get to know each other, discuss goals/hopes/dreams/etc… THEN, you go on two calls per month, with one call each for specifically mentoring the other person. It can be completely personalisable to the two of you, so there aren’t any strict guidelines you have to follow!

As the GEN-Inspire half of this awesome partnership, you also gain access to a private discord channel to chat with other GEN-Z copywriters and GEN-Z marketers, as well as other GEN-Inspires too! AND you get access to our archive of incredible masterclasses. It’s a beautiful, beautiful community of people who really know their stuff-- and we want you to join us!

If you need more info, we have a whole web page, complete with an informational booklet on the ✨Word Tonic Reverse Mentorship program ✨for you, right here.

If you need even more info, here’s what some of our GEN-Inspires are saying about their experience with the Reverse Mentorship program:

“Retinol and being a part of Word Tonic's Reverse Mentorship program keeps you young. Excited to be a part of this!🌟- Sonia Aguado, Senior Creative Copywriter

I’m sorry, did I hear that right? We help with imposter syndrome AND we’re being compared to retinol???

This sounds literally impossible to pass up.

So, what do you say? 

We’re the best anti-aging hack on the market.

Will you bridge some generational gaps with us?

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