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What does GEN-Z want to see from brands?

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Hellooooo everyone and welcome back to another amazing GEN-Z insight blog post!! I’m back to bring you the latest in the world of GEN-Z marketing, courtesy of our fantastic community of GEN-Z copywriters and marketers here at Word Tonic. 

Real quick before we start— what is Word Tonic?

OMG, I’m so glad you asked. Only the best resource for everything related to GEN-Z marketing, brought to you by GEN-Z themselves. We’re a community of young professionals, here to help you with all things… well, us! Including GEN-Z recruitment, if you’re into that. ;)

Now, back to what I was saying before! Today’s topic? 

What does GEN-Z want to see from brands?

Well, first, we’re looking for a little bit more positivity. 

Listen, we get it. It’s bleak out here. Most of the time, being a young person is difficult! But what we certainly don’t need is to constantly be reminded of how broke we are and how rough it is to be young right now… especially by the stuff we’re trying to buy. 

If we’re trying to buy a product, why are you reminding us about how much money we don’t have? lol. 

It’s one thing to be relatable, which, yesabsolutely— go for it. 

But maybe try a little more positivity when it comes to GEN-Z. After being bombarded with ads that constantly remind us how hard it is to be starting out in life, we definitely need it haha. 

On that note, perhaps a little more enthusiasm surrounding the GEN-Z lifestyle!

We want our brands to like us— or we want to feel like you like us, at least. That includes sharing our values and celebrating the way we express them in our own lives. 

Speaking of values, one thing that’s huge with GEN-Z right now is nostalgia. 

Tap into our love of nostalgia!

Here’s the thing— it IS rough being a young person out here. It’s even tougher being a young person who feels a little forced to grow up and enter the “real world” before you might feel ready to. A lot of us are feeling that way right now, especially with many of us losing a few formative years to the pandemic. 

That said, many of us are longing for the days of packed lunches and playdates. 

Who do you think is buying all of those Dunkaroos rn?

Hint: it’s us. 

If you can tap into that sense of nostalgia with your branding? You’ve got us. 

Wow, remember Tamagotchis? I miss those…

Next, get relatable!

GEN-Z is fun-loving, hilarious, and sometimes totally out of pocket. 

Wanna get a member of GEN-Z to buy your thing or engage with your brand? Be silly! Have some fun with your marketing! Be a little out of pocket! 

Totally honestly, the best way to do this (and have it be effective and accurate to the way GEN-Z talks and thinks) is to hire a GEN-Z copywriter or marketer. 

Luckily, Word Tonic can help with that.

But the key here is to make sure you know your audience well enough and have a good enough grasp on the way their humor is presented. Don’t be afraid to try something new and fun! Odds are, we’ll love it and start engaging with a brand that isn’t afraid to take risks and be silly. 

Finally, long-form content. 

I know— what are you talking about, Maddy? Are you sure?


We spend hours and hours scrolling through seconds of endless content. Sometimes we want to just sit down and actually read something we can engage with. We want to think! We want to engage! We want to talk about stuff with our friends!

And we definitely want to talk about your brand with our friends if you’ve got some interesting long-form content. 

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and read something instead of doom-scrolling all the time.

If you liked this blog post, 

Totally check out more of Word Tonic! We’ve even got a fancy little GEN-Z insight newsletter for you— and we’re not gatekeeping our services either. Remember that recruitment thing I mentioned? You can find it there. ;)

Want more like this post? There’s more where that came from! 

See you next week!


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