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Successful GEN-Z Brands that WE LOVE!

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Are you looking for the best of the best?

A strategy guide of brands to emulate when it comes to massive success in the realm of GEN-Z marketing, investment, and engagement? Well, look no further because I’m about to show you THE brands that GEN-Z is absolutely LOVING right now. 

Excuse me for all of the caps-lock right now-- I’m just really excited about these brands. :)


WOW! Is this brand doing something creative or what? I’m so interested in the vibe of this brand and I love seeing their little socials/copy updates!

  • We love what they’ve done with their social media. 

  • We love the story they’re telling with their products. 

  • We love their use of fun, bright colors. 

  • We also really love the way they incorporate GEN-Z language and trends into their copy.

  • Their cute little products are also the perfect way to get GEN-Z invested-- and not only are they cute, but the brand has given them personalities! 

We love this brand so much, that we even did a presentation on their branding, marketing, and socials! Check it out here!


Is there anything better than the evil Duolingo owl? Honestly, this brand is one I come back to over and over again when I think of an example of a perfect incorporation of GEN-Z humor into marketing.

  • Okay, this brand’s marketing is unhinged at times, and who is eating it right up? WE ARE!

  • Not only is this product fantastic, but their marketing is hilarious. 

  • We love how quickly they’re able to keep up with and incorporate trends. 

  • We love their social media presence. 

  • We love their insane sense of humor and pop culture references.


This is literally the only sponge brand I use now. Scrub Daddy for the win. A permanent staple in my kitchen. Wanna know why?

  • Do yourself a favor and follow them on Twitter (or X, whatever). They are HILARIOUS.

  • They’re also hilarious on Instagram. You know what? Follow them on everything haha-- it’s worth it. Another example of perfectly incorporating humor into your marketing.

  • They are insanely entertaining. We never know what they’re going to do next!

  • We love how they can laugh at themselves-- it makes the brand relatable and the product one that we WANT.

  • Their Instagram is also really brightly colored and fun! Super inviting with its visuals-- and keeps you interested with its hilarious content!


Oh my god-- I love this brand. I tell every single person I know to get an Owala, I’m so serious. The brand loyalty for me here is insane. I am DEVOTED. 

  • They drum up SO much interest in their limited edition “Color Drop” bottles-- the last one sold out in 30 seconds.

  • They have an excellent social media presence. 

  • GEN-Z is hugely into “emotional support water bottles” and this one is the best of the best-- they incorporate GEN-Z trends into their marketing, their social media, and their new bottle colors!

  • They feature members GEN-Z on their social media pages, whether it’s in promotional ads or fun TikToks and Instagram Reels!

  • They do fun, strategic partnerships with other beloved by GEN-Z brands. So smart!


Okay, I KNOW what you’re about to say. I know. But whoever was just given the Instagram to the Crocs account deserves a raise.

  • Crocs has leaned into the silliness of its brand and product and has now embraced GEN-Z humor with open arms.

  • They’re HILARIOUS.

  • As much as they’re able to laugh at themselves, they’re also able to be serious. They made a super cute TikTok about glitter Crocs and honestly… I’m considering them.

  • They stay up to date with trends and memes -- and they are using them flawlessly in their marketing.

  • I really don’t know what else to tell you other than the fact that somehow it’s making me consider getting Crocs… and I know you don’t know me through anything other than my Word Tonic blog posts but that’s a BIG deal. Seriously. A huge deal.


In an act of absolutely shameless self-promotion, I present to you: Word Tonic. ;)

  • We are created for GEN-Z, by GEN-Z. We know exactly what we want to see from brands and marketing and we incorporate all of those fun things into our own!

  • Check out our Instagram! We’ve got vibrant colors, memes, member spotlights, and alllll sorts of fun stuff on there.

  • Not only is Word Tonic fun to look at, but we’re also fun to interact with. We respond to comments on our socials like nobody’s business. And we’re funny. 

  • We’re always giving out awesome, helpful information on our social media platforms. 

  • We’re super engaged with our audience-- we’re always looking for ways to incorporate our members, our collaborators, our lurkers, and anyone else who might be interested in Word Tonic!

Speaking of, if you’ve read this far into the article and you don’t know what Word Tonic is… let me give you the run-down! 

Word Tonic is THE first-ever GEN-Z copywriting community, filled with GEN-Z copywriters and marketing professionals, all learning and growing and becoming literal super-professionals. We’ve got a unique perspective on life and we want to share it with the world! Especially the marketing world-- there’s a lot of info flying around about how best to market to GEN-Z and we’re here to set the record straight.

We are GEN-Z-- and we’re here to help! We even have a little GEN-Z insight newsletter that you can check out! We’ve got all the good stuff over at Word Tonic: from insight into GEN-Z values, best practices for marketing to GEN-Z, and all kinds of resources that give you a look into our brains! And the cherry on top? If you end up realizing that you love us and want a GEN-Z copywriter on your team, we even have a super cute recruitment service. We’ll pair you up with the GEN-Z copywriter of your dreams for a match made in marketing heaven.

All that being said, I feel like Word Tonic totally deserves a spot on this list of brands we love. :)

Right next to all of these other AMAZING brands! Totally check them out when looking for GEN-Z marketing-related inspiration! 

See you in my next blog post!!!

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