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How to Culturally Communicate with GEN-Z

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Hello, hello, hello recruiters, brands, and agencies!

We are back with an all-new “How-To” guide for you. This week? We’re teaching you how to✨culturally communicate✨ with GEN-Z.

Fun fact: we actually did a presentation on this topic at Talkfest!

Now, we’re here to teach you how to resonate with GEN-Z-- and how to communicate effectively with us. A “How-To” guide for copywriting and catching the eye of your GEN-Z audience.

First, to understand how to write for us, you have to understand us.

In our last post, we got down to the core of it all: Who we are, what we stand for, what we value, etc.

Who is GEN-Z? What is GEN-Z? What does it mean to be GEN-Z? Are Zoomers and Zillennials the same thing as GEN-Z? (Yes.)

Let’s get down to business.

The GEN-Z age range is said to be comprised of anyone born between 1996 and 2010.

In essence, GEN-Z is hyper-online, hyper-ambitious, and hyper-creative. We long for community and connection in the digital age, and we truly care about others and the world around us. We believe in justice and sustainability, we are driven and motivated to achieve anything we set our minds to, and we have dedicated ourselves to finding something to laugh about-- no matter what.

If you want to hear more about GEN-Z in our own words, click here!

Now that you’ve got a pretty good idea of who we are, let’s talk about the best way of communicating with GEN-Z.

Enter: memes.

I explained memes in our last post as well, but here’s a little refresher:

A meme is an image, saying, video or anything that is supposed to be funny and then gets spread

around the internet very, very fast. It doesn’t have to be deep. There isn’t always some secret “GEN-Z

meaning” to them. Sometimes they reference other memes! Sometimes they’re just silly and absurd.

Some are, some aren’t, and you’re supposed to laugh!

Duolingo and Ryanair are examples of brands who have really embraced meme culture-- check out

their pages to get a better visual idea of how this works for incorporating memes into a brand’s

personality, but if you’re looking for straight up GEN-Z memes? Look no further.

Now, I’m not saying memes are the only way to get our attention.

GEN-Z really appreciates authenticity. We’re actively looking for brands we can trust with our dollar.

We want to feel good about the brands we’re supporting, so transparency and authenticity are key.

Part of why memes work so well are because of what they demonstrate: a willingness to get it. To get

us. But even if memes aren’t your thing, there’s still hope! Show us who you are, who your brand is,

what you believe in. That’s the key to getting GEN-Z’s attention.

What else can we do?

Other ways to relate to GEN-Z? Self-deprecating humor. This can also fall under bits and pieces of

meme culture, but it’s also its own separate thing. GEN-Z loves a good self-deprecating joke-- and

it’s a great way to get us to pay attention to your brand. Being able to have a good sense of humor

and make jokes about your product/brand is a great way to get us to relate to and rally behind you.

Also on the list: Get passionate! Find a purpose, find something you support, and tell us! We want to

feel passionate about things, and we like when brands align with our passions. Let us know what you

care about and GEN-Z will amplify it!

Finally, emphasize community. GEN-Z longs for community and deeper connection. We want to feel

connected to the products and brands we support. We want to feel like we’re a part of something

special! If you can nurture a community surrounding your brand, you are way more likely to get

GEN-Z excited about it.

If all else fails...

Hire a GEN-Z copywriter! Or, you know, do that anyway.

Who better to get our attention than, well, us?

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