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GEN-Z VS the Music Industry

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GEN-Z spends a LOT of time listening to music. 

And here’s the thing— I loveeee listening to music as much as the next member of GEN-Z (which is a LOT— I mean, have you seen the ‘number of hours listened’ section of our Spotify Wrapped?), but let’s shift the conversation over to live music real quick. 

I love going to see live music— and so does everyone I know. But when was the last time you saw any effective marketing for the music scene? Specifically, the festival scene?

If your answer was “never,” or something close to that, join the club. More than half of the GEN-Z members of Word Tonic (a whopping 52%) think that music festivals do not market to GEN-Z well. 

Oh, hold up— what’s Word Tonic, you ask?

I’m SO happy you asked! It’s only THE premier spot for all of your GEN-Z copywriting and GEN-Z marketing needs! Word Tonic is the FIRST copywriting community built by GEN-Z, for GEN-Z. How impressive is that? Not only are we young and super cool— we also really know our stuff when it comes to marketing. 

And if you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself! We even have a fancy GEN-Z insight newsletter— We aren’t in the business of gatekeeping valuable information like that. :) 

Now, let’s get back to live music. 

Music festival marketing for GEN-Z is almost nonexistent. I mean, 14% of Word Tonic’s GEN-Z members don’t go to music festivals because they don’t know that the festival is even happening! 

Music and festival marketing needs to be elevated.

In order to do that, we need to figure out why GEN-Z goes to music festivals. Lucky for you, we asked around and got allllll the inside scoop. 

Here’s the SparkNotes version:

  • 80% of GEN-Z go to music festivals for the acts. 

  • 38% of GEN-Z go to music festivals for those sweet, sweet community vibes. 

  • Other than that, good branding goes a long way with drumming up interest and actual GEN-Z turnout. 

  • Fashion is a big part of why GEN-Z will go to a music festival as well. Getting the chance to dress up with your friends and post your festival photos everywhere? Of course. 

  • Overall vibes? Absolutely. If you don’t pass the vibe check, you can forget about GEN-Z attendance. Good vibes are a MUST. 

Now that we’ve got all of that info, let’s look at how best to use it. 

What’s the most effective strategy when it comes to marketing to GEN-Z?

Well, we’re coming in hot with ALL the research. 

When it comes to marketing to GEN-Z, social media is where it’s at. An overwhelming 89.1% of us spend most of our online time on Instagram. That’s a HUGE amount of people you could be marketing to! If the Instagram crowd doesn’t know your festival exists, you’re in trouble. 

The runner up: TikTok. Even though Instagram won our poll by a landslide, TikTok is a pretty popular place for GEN-Z to hang out as well. 

If you can master Instagram and TikTok, you have an excellent chance of getting your festival noticed by GEN-Z. 

But Maddy, you ask, what on earth do I say in order to get GEN-Z’s attention

The answer is this: appeal to our values! Once you hit what matters to us, or touch on something that we’re super interested in, we’re all ears. 

What matters to GEN-Z? 

You know what? Great question. We aren’t a monolith, so this takes one a lotttt more extensive research than most of our other quick statistics from earlier. 

BUT… do you want to know the actual secret ingredient to amazing GEN-Z marketing? Hiring a GEN-Z copywriter. Who better to understand us than one of our own? 

Even better, hiring a GEN-Z copywriter makes it so that you don’t even have to think about any of this. We’ll take care of it for you. :)

Word Tonic even has a recruitment service to pair you up with the GEN-Z copywriter and/or GEN-Z marketer of your dreams. 

If you want to hear from some of our amazing members over at Word Tonic, Carolyn (our fearless founder) and Em (our incredible co-founder) are going to be giving a presentation at TalkFest.

You should totally check it out.

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