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GEN-Z Marketing Swipe File event

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Hey recruiters! Hi agencies! Helloooo brands!

Looking for a bit of marketing inspiration when it comes to GEN-Z?

Wow, do I have the event for you!

Word Tonic is hosting a GEN-Z Marketing Swipe File event and you should totally make an appearance!

Okay, but Maddy, what is that?

The GEN-Z Marketing Swipe File event will be a live, 1 hour event, where 6 of our AMAZING Word Tonic members will be going through some of their favorite GEN-Z marketing examples. 

5 different brands will be individually showcased and analyzed-- we’ll be going through their copy, design, marketing strategy, brand mission, and more! All to give you a better idea of what really works when it comes to GEN-Z marketing.

Okay, but Maddy, when is that?

April 29th at 1pm (UK time).

Got anything to sweeten the deal?

Of course we do. There’ll be a roundtable recording just for you that you’ll be able to download and watch! Aaaaaand a little booklet that goes through 10 different brands! Think of all of the inspiration!

Alright, you’re selling me on this… what’s the schedule?

I’m so glad you asked! Here’s the general rundown of events:

First, a little intro to Word Tonic. Who we are, what we do, etc.

Then, we’ll give you an intro to some of our GEN-Z copywriters and marketers!

Next, we’ll hop into that analysis I mentioned earlier-- 5 different brands: copywriting, design, marketing strategy, brand mission, and more! 

We’ll go through all of that to give you a better idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to GEN-Z marketing strategy.

Finally, we’ll walk you through our awesome little bonuses: 

the Roundtable recording, the GEN-Z Marketing Swipe File, and our other services! 

We offer a ton of other cool stuff to help you reach your GEN-Z marketing goals!

Last question, why Word Tonic?

Oh, that’s such a good question. There are a million reasons ‘why Word Tonic.’ Word Tonic is THE first ever copywriting community for GEN-Z, by GEN-Z. We are made up of a ton of incredible resources, both for our 700+ GEN-Z copywriters and GEN-Z marketers, as well as for recruiters, agencies, and brands looking to get inspired and learn more about GEN-Z marketing strategy!

Not only that, but we really know our stuff. We’ve worked with a ton of different brands (Bumble, Disney, Duolingo… pretty cool, right?) in order to deliver masterclasses to our members. We’ve been written about in some AWESOME marketing and advertising publications… LBB Online and AdAge think we’re pretty cool. ;)

AND we don’t gatekeep our insights. We even have a GEN-Z insight newsletter for you to check out!

We alsoooo help out with recruitment, if you’re looking to add a GEN-Z copywriter or marketer to your team. (Which you should totally consider. After all, who better to help you market to GEN-Z than one of our very own?)

So, have I sold you on attending our event?

If I have, check out this little link to our event page for more.

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