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GEN-Z Family Values

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If you can’t tell, I’m trying to do a play on Addams Family Values, because if there’s one thing that GEN-Z loves… it’s the Addams Family? and also 90s movies?

Okay, anyway, now that I’ve overexplained the joke ;) 

Let’s get on with the article!

Hi everyone! I’m baaaaaack with an all-new, super informative article with a whole lot of insight into what GEN-Z values, in order to help you understand what we’re looking for in a brand and/or product!

Members of GEN-Z can be really picky consumers-- and can you blame us? We’re constantly bombarded with choices-- left, right, and center --and we’ve had to get pretty good at coming up with a list of must-haves when it comes to opening our wallets and spending what we’ve got.

For one, authenticity is HUGE for us. If anything about your brand or your product is fake, GEN-Z is usually able to sniff it out pretty quickly. And we’ll totally pass on buying something if it feels inauthentic. Like a contestant on the Bachelor, we want to make sure you’re “here for the right reasons.” We want something real, not something that’s faker than… well, a contestant on the Bachelor

Diversity and inclusivity are also super important to us. Who’s working for you? Who are you marketing to? What’s your target demographic? If you want GEN-Z, we want you to want all of us. 

But this doesn’t just mean diversity and inclusivity when it comes to people. 

Diversity and inclusivity when it comes to your product is also really interesting to us. Does your product have a variety of functions? Are a varied group of people able to use it? Do you have limited edition products?

On top of that, diversity and inclusivity in your marketing is a surefire way to catch GEN-Z’s eye. Play around with humor, work on adding fun colors to your Instagram grid, collaborate with some influencers for promo (there are tons of GEN-Z influencers that are dedicated to diversity, inclusivity, and positivity, as well as radical acceptance of all kinds!)-- try making a TikTok or two! 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating diversity and inclusivity into your team, your brand, your product, your marketing, and whatever else you can think of! If it’s new and varied, we want to see it!

Next up: Affordability. This one is very important. Most members of GEN-Z don’t make that much money… yet. ✨Manifesting a raise rn. ✨ (If you really want GEN-Z to buy from you-- advertise the fact that you pay your employees well, haha.) Affordability is a massive draw when it comes to garnering both GEN-Z’s interest and our financial investment. We’re way more likely to buy something if it’s priced within the “little treat” range-- though we are willing to pay for something we think has a lot of great long-term value! Emotional support water bottles, anyone?

Speaking of reusable, sustainability is also something we really value as a generation. As we come into our own as people who will eventually inherit the planet, we’ve gotten pretty environmentally conscious. Your brand will absolutely get extra points from us (and maybe even a purchase!!) if you’re actively trying to be sustainable. Even more extra points if there’s a cute little graphic of a happy Earth or something to advertise it, haha. You think I’m kidding, but I’d totally buy something with a happy little Earth on it that’s smiling at me and telling me I should buy it. Whatever you say, happy little Earth, as long as it’s helping you!

On that note, that’s a pretty creative idea! GEN-Z is BIG into creativity. I mean, we got so creative that we created our own jobs-- and our own copywriting community! 

Oh, wait, you haven’t of Word Tonic?

Well, thank you for finding your way over to this website and blog post! And for reading this far without knowing who and what we are. Let me explain that real quick for you. :)

Word Tonic is THE first GEN-Z copywriting community, for GEN-Z and by GEN-Z, for us to have a space dedicated to sharing resources and becoming the best copywriters and marketing professionals that we can be. Not only is it for GEN-Z, but we’re also here to help YOU learn all there is to know about us. We’ve got all the goods on marketing strategy, GEN-Z marketing and insight, and GEN-Z values. We’ve also got a fancy little GEN-Z insight newsletter if you want to check it out. Go ahead, it’s free. We aren’t about gatekeeping precious info here. 

…Precious info like everything I mentioned above!

On a final note, GEN-Z really values self-development. We want to be ahead of the game, we want to be learning and improving as much as possible. If your branding or product reflects that same drive, you’ll definitely get GEN-Z interested in your story. Maybe even interested enough to buy something. :)

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