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Exhibit Z: The coolest newsletter around is about to get even cooler.

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HEY YOU! Yes, you!! Do you want to hear something awesome? 

Word Tonic is introducing a weekly GEN-Z Insight newsletter, chock-full of GEN-Z insights, JUST FOR YOU! 


And I’m here to tell you all about it. 

Okay, Maddy, 23-year-old copywriter extraordinaire I’m dying to know-- 

What’s in it? 

I’m SO glad you asked. 

That sweet, sweet GEN-Z Insight, of course. This newsletter is for all of our awesome agencies, brands, and recruiters looking to hire GEN-Z copywriters for their GEN-Z marketing projects! 

Here’s the layout: 

It’ll have a TLDR (a little summary of what that week’s newsletter is about), a little intro, and the ability to jump to the bit you want to read. 

There’s going to be a “Fresh Talent” spotlight section! Every week, we’ll pick 2 of our GEN-Z copywriters that you’ll want to keep an eye out for. It’s our little shout out section, and you might even get to see some awesome spec work too! 

We’ve got an “Inside the Mind of GEN-Z” section-- this will be a little question and answer style segment where you’ll be able to ask a member of GEN-Z a question, and one of us will be able to reply with a video response! 

We’ve ALSO got a section called “GENZify,” where we’ll show off some of our community’s spec work, analyze it, and explain why it works for a GEN-Z audience-- from a GEN-Z perspective! Of course, we’ll include all the actionable tips and tricks that’ll help you apply these techniques to your own marketing strategy! 

AND we’ve got a “See Us in Action: Catch the Co-Founder” series. It’ll act as our little calendar to show you where we’re headed next! Word Tonic events, in-person networking events, etc. Come hang out with us!


And the best part? This newsletter is written BY a member GEN-Z-- we’re all about authenticity here at Word Tonic and it absolutely shines through in our newsletters. You’re totally gonna want to subscribe. :) 

Speaking of Word Tonic, let me tell you a little bit about us. 

Word Tonic is, first of all, magic

Truly. I might make the claim that we’re the best thing since sliced bread (or all of that sourdough you made in quarantine-- no judgment, we were all doing it). 

Made up of over 700+ GEN-Z copywriters and marketers, Word Tonic is THE first-ever GEN-Z copywriting community-- created for GEN-Z, by GEN-Z - and now we’re here for all of you! We’re here to help agencies, brands, and recruiters with all of the ins and outs of GEN-Z marketing, and we even do copywriter recruitment! We want to help you find your next potential hire, and we’ve got a wealth of incredibly talented copywriters for you to choose from- which you should absolutely take us up on

Wait, Word Tonic’s offering up GEN-Z marketing secrets, Behind the Scenes with GEN-Z, and GEN-Z copywriter recruitment?

Sign me up! 

So, if all of that sounds incredible and amazing and absolutely irresistible… check out our newsletter!

And if you want a quick taster, you can't find our previous editions in the Exhibit Z Archive.

You aren’t going to want to miss out.

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