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Digital Natives: GEN-Z and AI in the creative industry

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Hellooooo everyone— welcome back to another Word Tonic blog post where Maddy tells you what’s what and provides real GEN-Z insights into the world of GEN-Z marketing. :)

What’s Word Tonic, you ask?

Only THE best resource for GEN-Z insight, GEN-Z marketing, and-- well, all things GEN-Z. We’ve got everything you need in order to figure out the best way to refresh your marketing strategies and start effectively advertising to GEN-Z. We even have a sweet little GEN-Z insight newsletter. And our services page isn’t too bad either. ;) Looking to add a breath of fresh air to your team in the form of a GEN-Z copywriter? We even do GEN-Z recruitment.

This week, though… we need to have a talk. 

Let’s bring up the elephant in the room (or, the internet), shall we?


AI is becoming a massively hot topic— in art, in science, in entertainment, and a host of other spaces as well. 

It’s also incredibly divisive. Some people LOVE it and use it as much as possible, and some people HATE it and have pledged never to use it. 

So, what do our GEN-Z Digital Natives think about AI in the creative industry?

Well… we don’t love it. 

Why? In order for AI to work, it has to be taught. The way AI gets taught is by feeding it the work of other people in order for it to learn different concepts.

This sounds sort of fine… maybe— until you look at what that really means. 

AI is actually pretty morally reprehensible. 

People aren’t asked for their permission to use their work to teach AI, and AI can’t create anything original— so everything it does is ripped from other people’s work. 

Unregulated, AI is actually insanely morally reprehensible. 

AI is everywhere now, especially in art. 

Us GEN-Z Digital Natives think that’s a bit off. 

Why would you use AI when actual artists exist? It’s one of the only fields where AI absolutely shouldn’t be sticking its algorithms anywhere near and it’s everywhere

It’s also really weird that computer-generated AI “art” is being prioritized over the work of actual artists— why is art a main focus when it comes to what we can use AI for? 

Why not prioritize science and other areas of life that AI could actually make improvements on? 

Why not let actual artists do their job? What is the point of automating creativity?

It’s completely against GEN-Z values.

It’s unsustainable, it’s impractical, and it doesn’t make sense. 

As a whole, we don’t hate AI either-- AI can be incredibly useful in certain situations. 

However, it’s also pretty clear that some of its widespread popularity is because higher-ups want the cheapest and quickest route to research, content, results-- you name it. 

That’s unethical.

In order for AI to truly remain useful, it needs to be pretty heavily regulated

We need way more public pushback against AI. Currently, there’s a lot of fear surrounding AI-- fear of AI itself, fear of what it could do, and fear of the people singing its praises. But it’s time for us to get serious about what we’re willing to accept. Unregulated AI is unacceptable. 

We need to prioritize laws and regulations for AI, we need to prioritize safety when it comes to AI, and we also need to make sure that AI is reserved for spaces that it needs to be in. Cars, science, etc., but this means absolutely no AI art.

Finally, if you’ve read all of this and are feeling uneasy-- 

What can you do as a creative?

This might shock you, but our Digital Native and resident AI expert at Word Tonic suggests that you use AI. We shouldn’t ignore something that’s quickly becoming so prevalent in our society-- and we certainly shouldn’t pretend like it isn’t encroaching on our spaces and our work the way that it is.

Especially when it comes to AI and copywriting. 

We need to start using and understanding AI-- to understand its strengths and its downfalls and to understand how we can use it to our advantage as a tool.

Tune in next week for more GEN-Z Insights!

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