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GEN-Z Board of Advisors LIVE

What the heck is a GEN-Z Board of Advisors?

If you're a brand, agency or recruiter, you'll know all too well what your average Board of Advisors looks like.

Let's be real: Boards of Advisors are commonly made up of a bunch of rich old white guys who have been in the company for 30 years.

And sure, there are advantages to that- but is it truly a reliable representation of the company and its needs?

Where's the diversity?

Is there someone who actually knows the target market?

Or someone who ~is~ the target market?

WEEEELL on March 15th, at 1 pm UK time, Word Tonic - the GEN-Z copywriting community, turned recruitment service + talent community - will be holding a FREE, online event unveiling its brand new program: the GEN-Z Board of Advisors. 

We'll be going over:

✨ The benefits of having a GEN-Z Board of Advisors

✨ The structure of the program overall

✨ The types of people who *should* already be in Board meetings

✨ A live GEN-Z Board of Advisors session, where you can watch a group of community members analyse a GEN-Z brand

And this event isn’t presented by 50-year-old Kevin either (sorry Kevin).

This is completely GEN-Z made, led by Founder Em and her amazing line-up of global GEN-Z speakers.

It’s gonna be an eye-opener for SURE!

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